About Us

Welcome to Ultimate Patch. Here at Ultimate Patch we are very passionate about Mental health and we are so excited to bring to you a product that has already transformed the way people are feeling and helping people to really start living life to their fullest again!
Ultimate Patch is trans-dermal patches that are truly changing lives daily. We have made for us and then sell to you. Our patches are Australian made in a lab with more than 30 years experience in Natural Medicine, Naturopathy, homeopathy & Herbology so you are always in good hands.
Our patches are the highest quality delivering strength & potency always!
We are a family owned & run business and the joy we get from hearing how our product is helping so many people is second to none. 
We asked for this patch to be created for personal reasons and the results we seen was so great we decided to share it with more people it may help. I am not a health expert, I have simply found something that’s made such a difference in our lives, and in so many others so far. 
The patches are natural and they are not pharmaceutical they are homeopathic.

 Each order comes with 4 patches which will last 4 weeks and benefits of reduced Anxiety, Renewed Stamina, Improved sleep, Uplifted Moods and so much more has been reported to be noticed within the first few days!