Frequently Asked Questions....

Can I use the Patch when Breastfeeding? 
While our patches contain All natural and organic ingredients, when it comes to breastfeeding, every Mumma is different so we always recommend you check with your doctor. Please screenshot the list of ingredients and show this to your doctor or midwife for confirmation. What I can say is we do have a lot of breastfeeding Mummas using the patch with no issues & loving it. But this decision needs to be yours & your doctors! 

Can I use the Patch when Pregnant?
Unfortunately, No. There are some ingredients that are not fully Pregnancy safe and although this is a homeopathic product (diluted ingredients) We would like to stay on the safe side and advise no, unless approved by your Medical Professional.

Can Males use the Patch?
Sure can! The Ultimate Patch was originally created for my husband to assist with his Anxiety & Fatigue. He loved it so much we thought we would share! 

Can I use the patch on contraception? 
Please show the ingredients to your GP for approval in relation to your specific contraception. In regards to the implanon - licorice root & ginseng can act as estrogen in a natural way in the body - as it causes balance. This could possibly cause a heavy bleed. Please check with your GP. 

Can Kids Use the Patch?
For Under 12 cut in half, If under 2 cut into quarters. However this decision is yours as their parent.


Sticking the Patch on....
-Peel the patch off the paper with your fingertip, be gentle and do not touch the backing, place on your skin (anywhere you know clothing will not disturb- under the bra line seems the best, the waist area is not a good place - Everyones placement will be different) 
-Be standing up when you put the patch on, press onto skin and push down firmly, don’t rub! 
-Make sure skin is free from sweat, moisturiser and is well and truly dry after a shower (give the skin time to fully dry).
- The corners of the patch may curl and this is normal, please do your best to not play with it.
-Once you’ve put the patch on, don’t try to re adjust it cause it won’t work and it’ll lose it’s sticky.
- Store in cool dark cupboard in the black envelope it came in.
* Any issues with the patch sticking or questions please contact Abbey via Instagram, Email or Facebook so we can assist!