How to Use

(Mood & Passionate) 

  • Open the sealed sterile envelope & take out 1 patch
  • Gently Peel off with the tip of your fingernail & place on clean & dry skin (No Moisturiser, oil, sweat etc) and press down very firmly & seal the edges to the skin. 
  • Place anywhere on the body - the upper & outer arm is usually a great place where it will not be rubbed by clothing.  Take care when taking off clothes that you don't pull the patch off. 
  • After a shower or swimming press patch firmly with a dry towel (do not rub) 
  • After 7 days, remove the patch & replace with a new patch.
  • Continue to wear for a minimum of 1 month & Make sure to track your moods with our Mood Tracker!

  • Once attached to the skin the ingredients last at full strength, slow release, for seven days. The ingredients activate as soon as the patch is attached to the skin.
  • Our Patches are gently adhesive and the glue is made of pliable silicone jelly – the patch adheres to the contours and creases of the body so will not come off until you are ready to remove it.

To keep full potency & stickiness of the patches please ensure that you store them in the envelope they come in, in a cool, dark place (do not refrigerate) and keep away from technology (phones, microwaves, computers etc)


(Energy, Menopause, Immunity, Concentration & Hangover) 

Apply patch to an area of clean, lotion-free skin, with little or no hair. Apply patch every day or when needed. Patches can be worn for 12-24 hours, as per direction on pouch. To remove any patch residue use warm water & soap.