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The Ultimate Patch

Mood Patch

Mood Patch

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Start living life again confidently by helping your body function at prime performance!

The Ultimate Mood Patch has a combination of amazing, organic ingredients that are known to do many different things inside the body. The ingredients are all are known to create renewed energy and stamina. All ingredients are natural & plant based.

Each ingredient has been carefully selected and the ingredients are known to help with Ease stress, Renew Energy, Assist with sleep issues and fatigue, Balance Moods & emotions as well as strong assistance with balancing the adrenal glands, some people even report less Anxiety! 

Ever found an awesome product but remembering to use or take it every day or a few times a day was a struggle so getting the full benefit from it was impossible? The Ultimate Mood Patch could be the answer to that! You simply stick it on and there is no need to worry about it for a week!

The Ultimate Mood Patch is super simple to use & we have found it to be super effective!

 The patch is thin, durable & adhesive. You stick it on your upper arm or stomach/under bra line & wear it for seven days and then change it to a new patch!  It is plastic & latex free and are made from surgical grade silicone with a surgical grade jelly adhesive. Our patches can be worn in the shower and swimming (just pat dry!) Our patches are homeopathic and the ingredients are slow released into the body.

The Ultimate Mood Patch has been created specifically to potentially help as a Mood & Energy Booster.

Some symptoms this patch was made to hopefully relieve are; Chronic stress, Exhaustion, Sleep issues, Nightmares, Mood swings, Anxiety, Depression, Sugar & Salt cravings, Brain Fog, Overly Emotional, Panic attacks, Short fuse, Body Aches, mid-afternoon slump and needing to nap....

(Remember to consult your medical professional before beginning anything new, especially if you have a medical condition or if you are taking any medication) 



  • 1 patch per week (4 week supply = 4 patches etc)
  • Customers have reported feeling the effects within days! 
  • Create Renewed Energy & Stamina by simply sticking on a patch once a week! Most Customers report feeling more energy! 
  • All ingredients known to Reduce Stress, Brain Fog & Exhaustion with 20 natural ingredients and feel at ease knowing you're not putting nasties in your body
  • So many other benefits the ingredients are known to to help with; Aids Digestion, Supports Brain health, Boosts Metabolism, Adapts to your bodies needs, Improves Energy & Supports the Immune system as well as the Nervous System!



  • Open the sealed sterile envelope & take out 1 patch
  • Gently Peel off with the tip of your fingernail & place on clean & dry skin (No Moisturiser, oil, sweat etc) and press down very firmly & seal the edges to the skin. 
  • Place anywhere on the body - the upper arm or abdomen is usually a great place where it will not be rubbed by clothing.
     Take care when taking off clothes that you don't pull the patch off. 
  • After a shower or swimming press patch firmly with a dry towel (do not rub) 
  • After 7 days, remove the patch & replace with a new patch.
  • Continue to wear for a minimum of 1 month & make sure to track your moods with our Mood Tracker!
  • Once attached to the skin the ingredients last at full strength, slow release, for seven days. The ingredients activate as soon as the patch is attached to the skin.
  • Our Patches are gently adhesive and the glue is made of pliable silicone jelly – the patch adheres to the contours and creases of the body so will not come off until you are ready to remove it.


    • Zinc –  Used for immune and thyroid function, hormonal balance & helps with food and nutrient absorption. A zinc deficiency could be contributing to Anxiety and has been linked in recent studies!
    • Garlic – Heals underlying infections & Assists to Build immune system up. Garlic helps Anxiety by neutralizing free radicals in the body.
    • Siberian ginseng - Builds physical strength, endurance, promotes healing, helps with stress, regulates metabolism. Ginseng is traditionally used to protect the nervous system therefore can improve symptoms of Anxiety.
    • Vitamin D – helps to absorb calcium, helps with depression, aches and pains and help strengthen the immune system. Low levels of Vitamin D have been associated with depression & anxiety. 
    • Liposomal Vitamin C - stimulates the immune system.
    • Licorice root - increases vital energy, improves gut flora and gives digestive and metabolic support.
    • Ashwaghanda - helps recover from stress and insomnia. Restores libido, increases energy and stamina, normalises cortisol levels. stress, anti-aging and reducing pain and swelling.
    • Rhodiola - improves energy, supports the immune system, and strengthens the nervous system.
    • Choke berries (Aronia cherries)- has the highest antioxidant capacity than any other berry or fruit. Antioxidants rid all tissues, organs and blood of germs. They help fight neurological diseases, cancer, aging, inflammation, diabetes and bacterial infections. Antioxidants protect you and they are in abundance in many foods especially Aronia cherries.
    • Blueberries - an Antioxidant Super-food. Packed with antioxidants and thousands of natural chemicals, high in potassium and vitamin C.  They lower the risk of heart disease and cancer, they are also anti-inflammatory.
    • Mulberries - good source of iron, vitamin C and many plant compounds, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
    • Pomegranate - rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants, fibre and is anti-inflammatory. Burns fats and boosts metabolism.
    • Moringa Plant – full of essential nutrients. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, vitamin A, C, and E; calcium; potassium; and protein. Fight free radicals (germs). Supports brain health & Anxiety.
    • Mint – rich in nutrients. Great for gut health, brain function, bowel health and brain function.
    • Spirulina – Full of protein, improves cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure, great for the gut.
    • Turmeric – Aids digestion. Anti-inflammatory and a very strong antioxidant.
    • Lemon – Vitamin C, supports weight loss, prevents kidney stones, and cleanses skin.
    • Beetroot – High in fibre, foliate and vitamin C. Increases blood flow around the body. Great for fitness and stamina.
    • Monk fruit – Great for weight loss, malnutrition of vitamins & minerals, healing and blocking thrush, hormonal balance.
    • Vitamin C  - Keeps your skin, bones and connective tissue healthy. Helps wounds heal,   helps prevent infections  and  helps you absorb iron from your food.
    • 12 x Vitamin B's - Calming & Relaxing, We have added a combination of all 12 Vitamin Bs. B1 (Thiamine) often called the anti-stress vitamin. B2 (Riboflavin) works as an antioxidant to help fight free radicals. B3 (Niacin) helps to boost good cholesterol. B4 (Adenine) boosts the immune system and helps to fight fatigue & stress.  B5 (Pantothenic Acid) great for skin, known for the production of sex hormones. B6 (Pyridoxine) helps with mood and sleep patterns because it helps the body produce serotonin and melatonin. B7 (Biotin) good for healthy hair, skin and nails and helps balance blood sugar. B8 (Inositol) good for anxiety, stress, panic attacks and memory balance. B9 (Folate or folic acid) helps with depression and memory loss. B10 (Pteroylmonoglutamic acid) known to help with depression, irritability and nervousness. B11 (Salicylic acid) good for anemia caused by tiredness, lack of appetite, low immunity and fatigue. B12 (Cobalamin) produces red blood cells and help iron do its job. Helps to oxygenate cells.

Other information 


Our patches are Homeopathic and made the old traditional way in an Australian lab. With thirty plus years’ experience in homeopathy you know you will receive a quality product. Our patches are plastic & latex free, made of surgical grade materials & surgical grade jelly adhesive. They are alcohol free so are halal & kosher compliant. Homeopathic remedies last indefinitely. There is no shelf life/expiry date because they do not spoil or lose their potency if stored correctly. Keep stored in the envelopes they come to you in, away from heat, direct sunlight, microwaves and computers. 

To keep full potency & stickiness of the patches please ensure that you store them in the envelope they come in, in a cool, dark place (do not refrigerate) and keep away from technology (phones, microwaves, computers etc)

Medical Disclaimer: The information provided is not intended to replace consultation or advice received by qualified health professionals regarding your specific situation not is it to be taken as medical advice or diagnosis. If you have any questions about the patches please consult your medical provider before using.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 



If you don't love our Patches, just send it back within 30 days for a full stress-free refund!

Manufactured and Shipped in Australia. By Australians to Australians & Beyond!








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